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BuildOrBuy News
Dateline: Wed 06-06-01
BBPC: BuildOrBuy - PC Computer Technology News Updates

PC Specifications: 

  1. Desktop Form Factors - ATX Specifications - Ver 2.03 & ATX12V

  2. Desktop Form Factors - Home | Old Platform Developer Web Site

PC Noise: 

  1. PCWorld.com - Hardware Tips Give Your Ears a Break--Put Your PC on the QT

    1. Hard Drive: Molex - SilentDrive
    2. Power Supplies: PCPowerAndCooling.com - Ultra-Quiet Power Supplies
    3. Processor Fans: Thermal Acoustic: Radial Fin for AMD* Athlon and Duron Processors 37166
    4. Fans -
  2. Quietpc.com for a Quiet PC - Silence the noise!
  3. The Silent PC
  4. ZDNet: Help & How-To: Making your PC quieter
  5. Yahoo Silent-PC Group

RAM Technologies:

  1. Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) being developed by IBM and Motorola 
    From BuildOrBuy Member, Harold Parker
  2. Machine Design Magazine

Email Filtering:

  1. ZDNet: No More Letter Bombs -- PC Magazine PC Labs

    1. ZDNet: eSafe Mail -- PC Magazine PC Labs

Security Q: 

  1. TECS Information Security News Service

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