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Deneba Software Ships Canvas 8 for Windows (May 3, 2001)


News From Deneba Software 
For Immediate Release

Deneba Software Ships Canvas(tm) 8 for Windows(tm) OS

Automation, Usability and Collaboration Top List of over 100 new Enhancements

Miami, FL - May 3, 2001 - Deneba Software, creator of the award-winning Deneba Canvas, announced today that it has begun volume shipments of Canvas 8 for the Microsoft(r) Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 operating systems. Canvas is a unique cross-platform precision illustration application that also integrates photo editing, page layout, presentation, and Web graphics capabilities.

This extensive upgrade contains hundreds of enhancements and new features including: vector and raster Sequence recording, full Scripting support, manual and automatic Web Image Slicing, direct Flash(tm) (SWF) format export, and built-in support for DenebaShare(tm) - a secure, peer-to-peer graphics exchange network. Canvas 8 is the culmination of over 15-years of intense development targeting the needs of technical illustrators, designers, engineers, scientists, and business professionals.

The new Scripting engine lets users take complete control of Canvas using Visual Basic, VBScript, Java Script and other Windows Automation compliant systems. A script can use Canvas 8 to automate anything from downloading files from the Internet to preparing tens of thousands of files for use in print or on the Web - all without the need for human intervention.

The new Sequence recorder/player lets even novice users automate complex actions quickly and reliably. Because of Canvas 8's unique integrated vector and raster environment, you can create Sequences within one program that involves more actions, filters, and effects than in stand-alone applications.

Improved usability was a key goal of Canvas 8. Expanded context-sensitive menus allow faster access to tools, filters, and effects. Single-letter customizable "hot keys" provide instant access to vector and image-editing tools. Palettes can be "docked" instantly using the new auto-dock button. Often-used inks, textures, gradients, and patterns can now be saved in a new "Favorite Inks" Palette.

Canvas 8 includes new image-editing features and filters. Complex Inks such as textures, vector symbols, hatches, and gradients can now be "painted" using the airbrush, marker, paintbrush, and paint bucket. New effect filters include Bevel, Crystallize, Oil Painting, Stained Glass, and Lens Flare. And thanks to Canvas's roundbreaking Sprite technology, all effects can be readily applied to any object in Canvas 8 - whether it is text, vector, or bitmap - while retaining its native editability.

Key features and technologies of interest to Web-centric users include a manual Image Slicer that is also fully integrated into Canvas's improved automated HTML export capabilities. This allows manually optimized sliced images to be saved as a set of interlocking images with a matching HTML table, or as a part of a fully formatted HTML page exported directly from Canvas.

Direct support for the Flash(tm) (SWF) file format is now standard in Canvas 8. Even entire multi-page documents can be saved to this efficient file format. An improved PDF export filter virtually eliminates the need to purchase Adobe's expensive Acrobat(r) Distiller. The new filter in Canvas 8 supports full data stream compression, direct embedding of PostScript(r) (Type1) and TrueType(tm) fonts, hypertext links, URLs, and more. It even supports PDF transition effects when exporting slide presentations.

A Canvas presentation can also be exported and distributed as a self-running executable. Once received, the presentation may be viewed and played without the need to have Canvas installed.

DenebaShare(tm) is another industry first -- a peer-to-peer graphics file sharing and collaboration network built-in to Canvas 8. Sharing a graphic file using DenebaShare is a simple, drag-and-drop process. No encoding, uploading to ftp servers, downloading, decoding, etc. Shared, files can be found via a built-in keyword search engine or directly by designating a  "Friend", which is someone who is allowed to directly access a shared file of another user. Multiple folders can be created and password protected to ensure privacy. Further enhancing DenebaShare is the integrated Chat feature. Using Chat, project managers, supervisors, and team leaders can quickly share time-sensitive or other relevant information with others on their staff.

Developers that wish to integrate DenebaShare(tm) technology into their graphics applications can contact DenebaShare Licensing for details.

Canvas 8 for Windows is available now. The Mac OS X and OS9 versions of Canvas 8 will ship later this summer and will feature support for Apple's latest OS and interface technologies.

Canvas 8 Professional Edition has an estimated street price of US$399.95. A competitive upgrade price of $249.95 is available to owners of competitive graphics products. Educational and Enterprise discounts are also available.

Canvas 7 registered users can upgrade to Canvas 8 for only $129.95 *. Owners of previous versions can upgrade for only $169.95 *. All copies of Canvas 7 (excluding educational, promotional and network licenses) purchased after March 1, 2001 qualify for free upgrades.

Registered users will be notified of all upgrade options and requirements.

Copyright (c) 2001 Deneba Systems, Inc.  All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

* Plus Shipping, Handling and Sales Tax if applicable.

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Web Developer, Gill Boyd - Posted 05-05-2001; Revised 11/04/2001