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ESCD - Extended System Configuration DataBase:

A format for holding comprehensive data about PC System Resources, including ISA cards and Plug and Play cards. ESCD data can be stored in a disk file or non-volatile memory.

ESCD was specifically useful for Platforms with non-plug and play operating systems or employing add-on plug and play support which were unable to automatically configure all plug and play devices in all cases.

  1. escd.pdf - ESCD - Extended System Configuration Data Specification - Version 1.02A, May 31, 1994.
  2. Phoenix Technologies - BIOS FAQs: Quoting Phoenix,

    "How do I get a new configuration utility (ICU or ECU) to update ESCD?

    Most systems use configuration data supplied by an operating system configuration capability (Windows 95/98) to update Extended System Configuration Data (ESCD). There are two types of separate configuration utilities that allow the creation of ESCD.

    1. Most ISA/PCI systems -- The Intel ICU (ISA Configuration Utility) may be used to provide the BIOS with this information. This utility is available from the Intel web site.

    2. EISA-based systems -- Some older systems may use EISA cards which require specific configuration by a utility called the ECU (EISA Configuration Utility).  See the Micro Computer Systems web site for additional details. In addition to this utility, a system-dependent configuration file is also required (these files usually have the filename extension .cfg). This CFG file was supplied by the computer manufacturer when your system was first purchased. The original computer manufacturer is possibly the only source for a replacement of this file."

  3. images/bullet2.gifESCD Specification (RTF File - May 31, 1994);
    1. D/L PDF: escd.pdf
  4. images/bullet2.gifPC DESIGN GUIDE - For the Microsoft Windows Family of Operating Systems
    1. PC 99 System Design Guide - For the Windows family of operating systems - GONE!
  5. PC 99 System Design Guide - Version 1.0 Available

Unfortunately while Microsoft is trying to decide what they want to do with PCDesGuide.com, they now make mention of pointing to yet another site of nothing - hwdev.org. We'll have to wait and see as to what those plans entail. Don't expect much. For now, try: PCDesGuide.org Enjoy! GB

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