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siliconDISPLAY Introduces All-Digital Breakthrough for
Liquid-Crystal-on-Silicon Microdisplays at COMDEX Fall

LCoS components add IP to CMOS to realize lower costs, manufacturability and defect-free images in high-resolution projection displays

LAS VEGAS (COMDEX, November 13, 2001) – siliconDISPLAY, Inc., a supplier of LCoS components for high-resolution microdisplays, today introduced a production-ready, all-digital image processing technology for projection applications at COMDEX Fall 2001 in Las Vegas.

Combining liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS), CMOS-based image processing and intellectual property (IP), siliconDISPLAY has developed a breakthrough, intelligent liquid crystal microdisplay solution that makes high-resolution display applications possible at significantly lower costs for computer and projector original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

"siliconDISPLAY is actually delivering on the potential of LCoS for the display market," said Jerry Rogers, siliconDISPLAY CEO and co-founder. "There is a discontinuity in the industry among competing technologies and solutions, and our patent-pending digital technology addresses this discontinuity by creating a clear, defect-free image at the lowest possible competitive cost and the highest possible manufacturing yield."

siliconDISPLAY’s digital LCoS solution ensures manufacturing flexibility, high yields and digital pixel control, resolving industry manufacturing and image quality barriers that previously prevented an affordable, photographic-quality microdisplay product.

"Because of its digital control, siliconDISPLAY's approach offers the microdisplay market great promise for flexibility and scalability," said Tony Massimini, chief of technology at Semico Research. "The company's technology can leverage amortized manufacturing capacity (0.5 micron today, migrating to 0.25 micron) to achieve low-cost production."

According to Stanford Resources-iSuppli, a leading display market research firm, the market for projection systems worldwide will grow from 3.8 million units in 2001 to 8.6 million units in 2007. Of the four commercially available projection technologies, LCOS-based systems are forecast to grow most rapidly over this period.

siliconDISPLAY’s system-on-chip (SOC) solution uses one image signal processor, on-chip memory and up to three Display Digital Signal Processors™ (DDSP™) to deliver a scalable, high-resolution microdisplay system that OEMs can implement in projection products expected to retail at less than $1,000.

Key advantages of siliconDISPLAY’s digital LCoS solution include:

o In-pixel pulsewidth modulation

o Intelligent I/O

o 93% fill factor

o 20-pin interconnect per panel

o Keystone correction

o Low power consumption (3.3 V)

o Digital zoom

o Small footprint reference design

o 100% testable design

o Demonstrated manufacturability


siliconDISPLAY XGA (1020x768) 8-bit, 16-bit and 24-bit color sequential microdisplay components are currently in pre-production, and UXGA (1920x1200) components are under development for 2003 availability. Data sheets and pricing for siliconDISPLAY components are available upon request.

The company will be conducting private demonstrations of their digital LCoS technology at booth #L4917R at Comdex Fall 2001.

About siliconDISPLAY

siliconDISPLAY is the only all-digital, production-ready provider of microdisplay technology for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). siliconDISPLAY has advanced microdisplay technology beyond a chemical approach, combining world-class digital signal processing (DSP) engineering, imaging expertise and superior intellectual property to deliver an innovative, all-digital electronic display processing solution that adds intelligence to displays. Incorporating mainstream manufacturing for high yields at low costs, siliconDISPLAY integrates liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) quality and CMOS-based digital image processing power for bright, pure images at a fraction of the cost of competitive applications. Based in Richardson, Texas, privately held siliconDISPLAY was founded in 1997 to develop next-generation digital display solutions integrating DSP and microdisplay technologies. For more information, call (972) 889-8026.

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