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Maxtor Personal Storage 5000DV HD:
  1. Maxtor Corporation - Product Comparison: Maxtor External Hard Drive Product Selector
    1. Maxtor External Hard Drive Product Selector: Data Sheet, Install Guide, Installation Tips & Quick Start Guide (Local PDF Files).
  2. 5000DV Specs (HTML).

This page of Notes is being made available for our BuildOrBuy Audience of Users & Readers. A Review of this product will be posted shortly. Stay tuned! (2/12/2003)

First Impressions:

  1. A Power Switch on the Unit would be nice - IMO.

  2. Why 2 Partitions? The FAT32 choice is understandable.

  3. A Carrying Case would be a good optional accessory. Iomega had them.

  4. Boot Option Instructions for Maxtor External Storage Product. We'll share our experiences and specs on this later!

  5. The Driver CD - A PDF File with a URL Link? Why not just an html shortcut?

  6. www.Dantz.com  Retrospect Backup - Smart choice.

  7. This is a good reason to now own a USB 2.0 Interface and if you don't, get it! Or get both in a USB 2.0 / 1394 FireWire Combo Card like the one from www.KeySpan.com!

5000DV Specs
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