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BuildOrBuy Group Network
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Build Or Buy - PC Photo Gallery 
Special Build Session Photos - See links below!

Dell Laptop Upgrade Photos By Gus Hrncir (9/25/01).

may2001prebuild.html - PreBuild (May 2001) Photos by Joe Whinery

  • Mpg Videos: Courtesy John Yates, BuildOrBuy Member! Created on Sony Mavica Floppy Camera.


PC Build Session Photos:
  1. 6-3-99/index.html - By Lou Warren
  2. 9-29-99/index.html - By Lou Warren
  3. 3-29-00/index.html - By Lou Warren
  4. 7-19-00/index.html - By Gus Hrncir
  5. 8-30-00/index.html - By Gus Hrncir
  6. 5-30-01/index.html - By John Yates



A typical "How To Build Or Buy A PC" Special Interest Group Day!
Photo courtesy of Reagan Atkinson, HAL-PC Photographer.

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