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images/bullet2.gifSony Super Audio CD - SACD Multi-Channel

SACD (Super Audio CD), DSD (Direct Stream Digital) Audio Technology:

(Super Audio CD) The high-end CD audio format from Sony and Philips. In 1999, Sony's SCD-1 was the first SACD player on the market, which also plays Redbook Audio CDs. Hybrid discs include the SACD layer as well as an Audio CD layer so they can be played in standard CD players.

The (DSD) Direct Stream Digital Audio Technology used in SACD discs provides 1-bit encoding at 2,822,400 samples per second. Each bit sample points up or down, representing the sound wave as it continues to rise or fall. The resulting digital data stream looks much more like the analog wave it represents than traditional sampling.

SACD In The News -
  1. Harmony-Central.com: Sonic - Studio Ships DSD.1 with Lower Price: "Developed in cooperation with Sony and Phillips, the format's creators, DSD.1 is comprised of a full length PCI interface card supporting 8 bidirectional channels of DSD via the SDIF-3 protocol or DSD-raw." (2/4/2004).
    1. www.SonicStudio.com: DSD.1 Ships at New Lower Price Starting at $7995
  2. www.AirShowMastering.com - "Airshow's popular Artist's and Producer's Guide to SACD has been updated. Originally issued in 2002, the current update includes new information about domestic manufacturing of hybrid SACDs and SACD authoring services. ...published the Guide in order to spread the word about SACD... To help our clients have a trouble-free and cost-effective way to prepare SACDs, Airshow offers a simple menu of SACD service modules, from format conversion for catalog reissues to authoring." (3/12/2003)
    1. Free SACD Master Guide, "The Artists & Producers Guide" (Updated, 3/12/2003; Originally Posted, 1/24/2003).
    2. Super Audio Compact Disc - A Technical Proposal (PDF File.)
  3. www.sonymusic.com/sacd/  Super Audio Compact Disc
  4. www.super-audiocd.com/  Introduction - A Sony site.
  5. www.superaudio-cd.com/ SuperAudioCd - Another Sony site!
  6. www.sonyoxford.co.uk - Ditto! DSD Recording Console, Sony OXF-3 'Oxford' Digital Mixing Console. Also location for the Sony SACD Text Editor. The SACD Text Editor provides a convenient way to edit SACD text information prescribed in the SACD format for creation of text master data used in the authoring process.
  7. www.sacd.philips.com/b2b/technology/ - "SACD Recording: The next step from PCM!"
    1. www.licensing.philips.com/information/sacd:  Super Audio CD Systems - Philips Intellectual Property & Standards
    2. www.licensing.philips.com/information/sacd/dsd/


DSD Mastering & Recording Gear:
  1. News: mixonline.com:  Cube-Tec AudioCube 5 - "AudioCube 5 is an advanced 24-bit/192kHz, integrated audio workstation for analysis, restoration, editing, archival, CD/DSD/SACD mastering and DVD-A authoring." (12/2/2002)
    1. Cube-Tec:
  2. Manufacturer: www.genex.co.uk:  Genex Research Limited (Unable to load site?!?)
    1. Distributor: www.hhbusa.com:  Genex GX8500: DSD Recorder; (Multi-format) Recorder.
  3. www.merging.com: PYRAMIX VIRTUAL STUDIO (DSD Digital Audio Workstation) - Multi-track Record / Editing, Mixing & Mastering
  4. www.sadie.com
  5. www.sonicstudio.com
  6. www.sonyeurope.com/sacd
  7. www.sacd.philips.com
  8. www.tascam.com:  DSD RECORDING WITH THE DS-D98 (8-12-02)
  9. www.timefordvd.com/ref/SACDCompatibility.shtml - SACD Compatibility Notes
  10. Article: www.surroundmusic.net/articles/marantz.html - DSD Recording Format Sets New Professional Standard.
  11. www.headsup.com/sacd.asp:  Heads Up Super Audio Compact Discs (SACD)
  12. www.ambisonic.net/sacd0800.html:  SACD Progress (8-24-2000)
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