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SMDI SCSI Musical Data Interchange:

images/bullet2.gifSMDI (SCSI Musical Data Interchange Sample Management Protocol).

SMDI (pronounced "smid-dee")... ...more.

Quoted: "SCSI Musical Data Interchange; a data interchange standard originated in 1991 by Peavey Electronics. In the late 80's and early 90's, samplers were coming into fashion and a standardized way to exchange sample data was needed. As MIDI was quite old and extremely slow (MIDI choke was a problem even then), it was seen that a new bus was needed. As the SCSI (Small Computers System Interface) bus already existed and had proven to be interoperable, SMDI leveraged the existing technology. Nowadays SMDI can be used to convey all kinds of information besides pure sample data and is invaluable whenever samplers need to be integrated to the rest of the studio. As an added bonus, computer connectivity and use of existing SCSI hard drives became possible." ...more.

Quoted: "Many samplers still support the MIDI Sample Dump Standard (SDS) protocol for transferring digital audio via MIDI - A painfully slow process. (SDS dates from when samples were typically a few hundred kilobytes of memory, not several megabytes). SMDI (SCSI Musical Data Interchange) is a newer protocol for transferring samples over SCSI instead of MIDI, and runs about 50 times faster than SDS. Yes, SCSI is required for using SMDI." ...more

Peavey Tech Notes - What is SMDI?

(To obtain a copy of the SMDI spec, contact Peavey Electronics Corporation at [601] 483-5365.)

SCSI DOCS - Ultra 320 SCSI / SMDI Notes. OK, so we finally have enough SMDI info to warrant a page for gathering what we have in one location!

Mediacontent DOS Libraries 1 - SMDI

EMU.com: See: Remote Control of the Emulator-IV Series via MIDI/SMDI, SMDI "Transmit MIDI: Message.

MIDI/SMDI Updates:
  1. Harmony-Central.com:  New Version of Sample Wrench Audio Editor and Price Cuts - MIDI/SMDI application (11/14/01).

  2. dissidents Home Audio, Music, Multimedia, MIDI - Communicate with MIDI/SMDI samplers.

  3. ProAudio, Translator Update - Professional sampler disk/file converter using SMDI ...more (1-/26/01).
  4. 1 Digital 101 I/O Connectivity Specs - SMDI
  5. CDxtract - Sampler Library and Conversion Tool - Although this is NOT a specific SMDI application, we're including this application in out repertoire of audio format conversion tools. Read about it, you'll understand if working with Pro Audio Samplers like Kurzweil K2000 Samplers.
  6. Translator - Pro Audio Sampler Conversions

  7. Kurzweil K2000 Series of sampling synthesizers: K2vx - "The K2vx can read most of the major sample formats, including samples and keymaps for Roland (via SCSI), Akai and Ensoniq systems. You can transfer samples via MIDI or SMDI (via SCSI), and even read .WAV, .AIFF and Type 0 MIDI files. There are also many support applications available, including program and sample editing software, librarians and much more."

  8. Sweetwater.com: Quoted: Kurzweil K2000 (K2vx) "Reads samples/keymaps from Akai, Roland and Ensoniq samplers; .WAV and .AIFF files; Type 0 MIDI files; MIDI/SMDI sample dumps." ...more.


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