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Keeping Up To Date...

From time to time the SIG, through its individual members, publishes documents and distributes them to Members at the weekly meeting. The following is a hypertext linked list of such publications. This list will be routinely updated so if you don't see what you want at first, check back here again later and maybe we will have it posted by then.

  1. AMD Athlon Configuration Information

  2. Athlon™ Recommended Motherboards

  3. Recommended DDR Memory - PC2100 DDR

  4. Build and Installation Guides

  5. VIA Technologies

  6. VIA Technologies - VPSD

  7. VIA Apollo KT266A chipset


  1. Intel M/B Selector Guide
  2. Intel Chipsets Comparison Chart - Value PC
  3. Intel 845 Chipset
  4. PC133 SDRAM: RAM Chart



PC Build Specifications:
october01_v5.xls or ...printer friendly. (Revised 10-25-01) Printer Friendly! Click To View & Print!
build-may-specs-rev-a_5-9-01.xls - PC2100 DDR RAM!
Interim Specifications - May 30 Build Session
Internal Links:
BuildOrBuy Computer Tech News Brief Updates each Wed By Date
Device Technologies - Transfer Rates
(ITRS) International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors - If you see the Error 404, read it and do what it says to fix your viewing problem!
Minimum Recommended Configuration
BuildOrBuy: CD Indexes
How To Series
Intel PIII Reference Chart
Power Protection & UPS's
Home Automation & Wiring Technologies
SIMM MEMORY Nomenclature
DIMM Memory Nomenclature Upgrades & Technologies
LINKS To Other Build Buy And Upgrade Sites
Table Of Diskette Format Structures
Intel P3-733 Spec used in one of our 2000 Special Build Session:
Intel 815E chipset
ASUS CUSL2 Overview - Asus has made it impossible to link to anything!
ASUS Socket370 Manual Home: CUSL2 M/B Manual Rev.1.02 PDF.
ASUS Socket370 Mainboard BIOS
GigaByte: GA-7VTXH: h7vtxh (PDF) - Via KT266A chipset.
MSIcomputer: K7T266 PRO2 (MS-6380 v2.0)  Via KT266A chipset.
Reference Reading Materials for PC's
  1. Upgrading and Repairing PC's, 14th Edition, by Scott Mueller – A Great Book! Published by QUE, ISBN 0789719037, includes a CD, list price is $65.00 (Web Price: $59.99 US) shop around for it!

    1.  Macmillan Publishing USA, now InformIT | Upgrading and Repairing PC's

  2. Bigelow's Computer Repair Toolkit by Stephen J. Bigelow - (Computer Books Online)

  3. Troubleshooting Your PC by Aspinwall, Burke and Todd

  4. Anything by Brian Livingston - (Windows Secrets); Infoworld.com, Column Archive: Window Manager.

  5. Building And Buying A PC SIG Newsletter Archive.

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