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  1. Windows Media Home
  2. www.windowsmedia.com
  3. www.windowsmedia.com/9series/
  4. images/bullet2.gifUnderstanding the Secure Audio Path Model: Windows Media 9
  5. images/bullet2.gifpestpatrol.com - Windows Media Player Exploit:
  1. images/bullet2.gifWindows Media Player Support Center:
  2. images/bullet2.gifwww.wmplugins.com:
Windows Media Player Help:

Digital Media on a PC is Great - Right? OK, do you see your PC as a Product or a Service?

Six Speakers required for Surround Sound playback - A 5.1 capable Surround Sound System + 5.1 capable Speakers—Front Left, Center, Front Right, Left Rear, Right Rear and Sub Woofer.

  1. Microsoft offers peek at new Media Player CNET News.com: (6/1/2004).
  2. CD-Text Software: CD-Text Manager for Windows Media Player
  3. Producing Multichannel Audio with Windows Media 9 Series: Published in November 2002, Microsoft sent this recently as a reminder under 'Tips for Power Users.' We're passing this along for you, our Readers to Enjoy! (10/23/2003)
  4. Microsoft to open video standard for review CNET News.com: Windows Media 9 Specification offered for SMPTE approval (9/9/2003).
  5. images/bullet2.gifSurround Sound with Windows Media Player 9 Series (3/29/2003).
    1. Are You Ready for 5.1 Audio on Your PC
  6. New! wmplugins.com - The place to find and share plug-ins, skins, and visualizations to enhance your Windows Media experience. (2/14/2003)
  7. Digital Rights Management: Windows Media DRM
  8. How to move your digital music and video collection to Windows XP
  9. Windows Media 9 Series Final Release Now Available! Powering the Next Wave of Digital Media Experiences (1/8/03).
  10. Sound Technology, HDCD - Windows Media (11/26/2002).
  11. www.windowsmedia.com
  12. www.windowsmedia.com/9series/home.asp
  13. Windows Media 9 Series: Overview - 5.1 Channel Sound!
  14. Microsoft.com: Technologies & Tools - Consumer Electronics: Devices Feature List (12/13/2002).
  15. www.srslabs.com:  Plugins (11/12/2002).
  16. Windows Media Player Error Code Information
  17. Q317101 - Error Message Windows Media Player Error C00D10B3 - Unable to Access the Network - Error# C00D10B3 - This fix also works for Windows Media Player 7.1 on Win2000 (8/7/2002).
    1. Method One: Using Registry Editor

      Use Registry Editor to manually create a DWORD registry value named "ForceOnline" (with a value of 1) in the following registry key:


      Note For the Windows Media Player 9 Series - To perform the same function without Registry Editor: On menu bar... Click Tools, Options. Select the Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands) check box.
    2. Method Two: Using Control Panel
      1. In Control Panel, click Network Connections.
      2. Click New Connection under the File menu.
      3. Follow the steps in the New Connection Wizard to create a connection that appropriately matches your current network setup.


  18. msdn.microsoft.com:  Understanding Secure Audio Path (1/26/2002).
  19. images/bullet2.gifCompare Windows Media Overview Demos > Windows Media 8 Audio (12/11/01).
  20. Player Feature Comparison

Windows Media Audio 8


Windows 2000 Media Player Errors:

Be careful installing the new Real Media Player, we've experienced BSOD on Windows 2000 as result! We're looking into it! IF you get the following Win2000 BSOD -

images/bullet2.gifQ160495 - Err Msg STOP C000026C Unable to Load Device Driver...

Stop: C000026C {Unable to load device driver}
\SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\Npfs.sys device driver could not be loaded.
Error Status was 0XC0000221

Normally, this would require getting into the Win2000 Recovery Console to Repair your Windows 2000 Installation - Don't Do It! You'll be like a rat chasing your tail! Suggestion: Cold Reboot until you get to the Startup Screen where you can press F8. Boot with Logging Enabled. This should slow the boot process to get you into Windows. From here, uninstall Real Media Player and reboot. This should take care of it for now! Further Solution: We hypothesize the culprit to be a Windows System File replaced during installation of Real Media Player.

  1. Windows Media Player Error Code Information
  2. Q317101 - Error Message Windows Media Player Error C00D10B3 - Unable to Access the Network - Error# C00D10B3 - This fix also works for Windows Media Player 7.1 on Win2000 (8/7/2002).
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