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WinXP Pro Pro Minimum Hardware System Requirements:

Although the Specs below are a minimum, we suggest using a P3-500 or above for best performance value.

Win2000 Pro Minimums!
Computer/Processor 300 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU. 233 MHz minimum [P3-500 or above.]
Memory At least 64 MBs RAM minimum; 128 MBs recommended. [128 MB's Minimum!]
Hard Disk 1.5 GBs Hard Disk Drive space. [8.5 GB HD Minimum!]
CPU Support Windows XP Pro supports Single and Dual CPU systems.
Drive CD-ROM or DVD drive. [Boot CD Device should be a CD-RW!]
Display Super VGA [800x600] or Display. [Minimum!] 640x480 IS possible!
Keyboard Required. [104 Style or Media Keyboard.]
Pointing Device Mouse! Try navigating without one! [Optical Mouse!]
  1. - Windows XP Professional System Requirements: Published: August 24, 2001
  2. - System requirements for Windows XP operating systems:
  3. - Windows XP:

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