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images/bullet2.gifYamaha's MLAN (1394 FireWire a.k.a. Sony iLink)

images/bullet2.gifYamahasynth.com products What`s Open Plug-in Technology

Yamaha Audio Products & Technologies:
  1. Harmony-Central.com - Yamaha to Acquire Steinberg Media Technologies: "After being acquired by Pinnacle Systems almost two years ago, Steinberg Media Technologies will now become part of Yamaha." (12/21/2004).

  2. images/bullet2.gifHarmony-Central.com:  Yamaha Forms Commercial Audio Systems Division (2/17/2002)

Research on this page is reference material and will include our Yamaha Product Reviews as needed for comment & evaluation as we analyze PC Computer Technology implementations. We're currently evaluating PC Computer Audio Technologies considering who has what for how much. Why? Does this product have a shelf life worth the investment? If so, @ what cost does this value become an investment in a new doorstop for tomorrow. Yamaha has been around long enough to demonstrate credibility to the User. With the current release of their Motif Synth workstations, so far, we're impressed. If you're researching an affordable Synth workstation, get the Motif DVD if still available and see what's possible. Better still, try out a Motif for yourself! ;)

The Yamaha SW1000XG Factory was a good idea, but... Looking back - Was this a long term solution? Meaning, how well can this product survive an Operating System upgrade? Proprietary Technologies are usually a short term investment. Remember the Yamaha Synth daughter cards for regular sound cards? Creative Labs changed the spec making that Yamaha product obsolete. Depends upon your perspective as to a worthy investment. We believe had Yamaha lowered their retail pricing they would have done much better since this was a superior product @ that time. Market share relates to whatever the market will bear.

An Audio Sound Card decision can become quite tedious. We suggest considering your musical goal, the application your considering for use then deciding on an Audio interface. Always consider any M/B chipset anomalies before deciding anything. DO YOUR HOMEWORK - Research & Plan Your Implementation Wisely!

  1. images/bullet2.gifYamahasynth.com products MOTIF

  2. images/bullet2.gifMotifator.com-Welcome

  3. images/bullet2.gifHarmony-Central.com: User Review - Yamaha Motif 7 - User Reviews comparing Motif 7 to Roland Fantom & Korg Triton - Interesting Reviewer comments of web site comparisons. Hats off to Guitar Center too for keeping a customer happy! Lesson - Listen to the Customer: Keep your content plentiful and fresh if you want to win friends and influence people! One Reviewer: www.catwalkrecords.com

  4. images/bullet2.gifYamaha XF - The Future Of Multimedia Sound. This guide to the future of interactive music technology will take you on a magical tour of the capabilities of the current XG standard, and introduce you to the exciting new technology that is Yamaha XF (1/26/2002).

  5. YAMAHA Audio XG Factory - SW1000XG PCI Audio Midi Sound Card: Specs
  6. Yamahasynth.com magazine review - Tutorials
  7. Yamaha UK Home Page
  8. Yamahasynth.com products What`s mLAN

XF Multimedia File Format

XG Factory - SW1000 XG Sound Card

MOTIF by Yamaha!

1394 FireWire
Windows Help

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