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Active Floppy:

Uninitiated Floppy activity can occur for a number of reasons. From Find Fast searching and cataloguing Drive indexes to accessing files from within an application - Don't do any of that! Get rid of those Indexes it creates and turn OFF Find Fast!!! When accessing files on floppies, always use Windows Explorer or a similar file viewer app - NOT the application! Copy files to the HD and access those files from the HD! This changes those pointers. Like if you ran something on a floppy from Start, Run command - Don't!

A Registry check may also be required - IF you know what you're doing! Install any new apps and then this started? Look in your Registry. Go to: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE], Software, Microsoft (R), Windows, CurrentVersion, Policies, and Explorer and select "NoDriveTypeAutoRun". 

If "NoDrive TypeAutoRun" does not appear here, select [HKEY_CURRENT_USER], Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Policies, Explorer, and then select "NoDriveTypeAutoRun".

File Compression
File Conversion
Floppy Disk
Trade Associations
"NoDriveTypeAutoRun" Drive Values:

1 = true = Yes, I do not want Floppy Drive to Autorun.
0 = false = No, I do want Floppy Drive to Autorun.

  1. 216752 - Floppy Disk Drive Is Active When Opening or Saving Files: Win9x

    Also... Search: "*.lnk" in quotes. Any Desktop Shortcuts pointing to a Floppy? Remove them!

  2. 305848 - Opening Floppy Drive After After You Switch Disks Opens a Second Window: WinXP problem (6/30/2003).

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