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We will give the group a presentation on VOIP, specifically 3 different Technologies:

  1. Google Grand Central ==>  (a free service that allows users to manage all their phone numbers but more important, also make FREE long distance US and Canada calls from any phone (even land lines). I have used this for over a year and I am very satisfied. My Grand Central number is 713 893-1942.
  2. Magic Jack ==>  ($20 for the device and then $20 per year. Free calls to anywhere in US and Canada. Can be used anywhere in the world, meaning if someone in Asia, Europe, Latin America or anywhere can call anywhere in the US and Canada because they will have a US or Canada phone number). Requirements are: Broadband connection (requires at least 80 kps), USB 2.0 port, and at least a P3 processor, XP or Vista OS (Mac and Lunix coming soon), can be used with dialup provided the other party has a Magic Jack. I have been using mine for over 3 month, and I am very satisfied.
  3. Skype ==>  (I use a Phillips hand set to call friends in Asia, Europe and Latin America). Free call to other Skype accounts, can get a phone number and use as regular telephone at an extra charge. Had my Skype account for over 3 years and I am satisfied with the quality and price (FREE).

This presentation should take about 30-40 minute. I will need to connect my system to the network (internet) because I don't know if the system in front has a USB 2.0 port. 

I would like to also give another presentation, at a later date on Computer Security - Beyond Anti-Virus and Spyware Protection. This involves using two freeware products: TruCrypt and PasswordMaker. I will show the group how to protect their personal information or any file(s) by password protecting an encrypted a "container" file and how easy this can be to maintained.

We'll see you tomorrow with VOIP hardware and presentation! 

Contact: Don Rapier 713 893-0956

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