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Dateline: Wed 06-20-01
BBPC: BuildOrBuy - PC Computer Technology News Updates

Having Trouble Finding The Any Key?





The Donate a Phone program helps victims of abuse by providing them with free cell phones and airtime so they can dial 911 in an emergency. The easiest way to donate your old phone by July 31 is to drop it off at a Radio Shack store! Great idea to help our Houston area Flood victims! Help someone help themselves!

Participants In The Program Include: 

Bible Study Software..., iExalt Electronic Publishing - New Stephen Olford Expository Preaching Outlines -

Email: or Call: 1-800-888-9898 By July 15, 2001 and refer to offer #5425. (Tell Randy you heard about this Offer @ Build Or Buy!)




Next PC Build   > Builder Qualifications To Be Discussed: 
Special Build Day: Available Dates -

  1. 5th Wed - August 29, 2001 or

  2. 5th Wed - October 31, 2001

The new AMD Dual Processor gear may not be available to us by Octber. AMD expects a before Christmas possibility. Any PC's we Build before the end of 2001 will be of current generation technologies. See Specs from Wed, May 30th, 2001 Special Build.


Internet Access: 


Technology News: 


Questions regarding Carnivore & Echelon received last week:


NSA's Echelon - Further Study...

  1. National Security Agency Site

  2. - National Security Agency Site  
    EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, Temporary Committee on the ECHELON Interception System (May 4, 2001) 
    Federation of American Scientists - ECHELON


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