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BuildOrBuy News Briefs... Updated For Today!

Dateline: Wed 11/21/01

This Week's Topics Include:
  1. Win 2000 OEM Install on Pancake PC
  2. Discuss: MSI MS-6380 V2.0 M/B w/ K7T266 pro2 chipset.
  3. Report: AMD Road Show, San Antonio Texas 11/1/01
  4. Bootable CD
  5. CD Boot Menu - Win98
  6. 2001 Christmas Wish List
  7. Build Debrief
  8. Q&A

We appreciate you support -
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Next Week - "If I were building a new system today"


Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 3.0: Digital Video Editing System... Professional Digital Video Production for $199 ...more (11/20/01).

From Jerry Lee: interesting statistics... As the World Turns (11/20/01).

From Tom Tyner: Windows XP Tweaks + Secrets - Part 1 (11/19/01).

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