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images/bullet2.gifCD Recording

images/bullet2.gifDVD Writing Support and Windows

CD-MRW, Mt Ranier (Packet Writing) Technology:

CD Recorder, Drive Letter Access! Look For Philips EasyWrite!

Currently, our 2 best Packet Writing solutions of "drag-and-drop" storage, Drive Letter Access to our CD-RW Drives, Nero's InCD EasyWriter & Roxio's DirectCD do no always perform as well as expected on either the System where it's created nor on other Systems as we may hope. And the 2 Brands can differ from version to version as well.  HP offered our first successful experience with this 'quick formatting' in the background and "drag-and-drop" storage solution on CD-RW Discs.

CD-RW Drive Letter Access through Packet Writing is a great idea yet to be fully developed for the rest of us to use on other CD-RW Drives. If it works for you, in your given situation & testing - Great! Mt. Ranier hopes to alleviate all of those ills. The 3 main Goals of Mt. Ranier include: Compatibility, Ease Of Use & Performance.

Keep in mind though, Packet Writing has a long way to go before replacing the Boot Floppy in many situations. Packet Writing with Roxio's DirectCD in Win98SE worked great on CD-RW Discs. After reading about Nero's InCD, problems for some Users - No Thanks!

Yes, we like and encourage the use of Nero for Burning CD-R's but NOT their InCD Packet Writing application. Remember, If it works for you - Enjoy!

OK Mt. Ranier - Let's see what you can do to simplify this process of a 'Universal Disc Format' - UDF! And the O/S - Microsoft WinXP? Is that really necessary? Maybe, or - OK, Longhorn - Moo! Kicking & Screaming... GB

"The additional Mount-Rainier error management allows defective sectors on a CD-RW to be marked, similar to a Fixed Disk. This allows the CD-RW to be re-written significantly more often than previously possible." Mt. Rainier


Mt. Ranier News: 
  1. Mitsumi And SAI Collaborate To Offer Mt. Rainier Compliant CD-RW Hardware And Software Solutions For PC’s -- (12.27.01).

  2. Technology News - Software Architects Supports Mt. Rainier Compliant CD-MRW Drives - (07-10-2001)

  3. Software Architects - WriteCD-RW!™ V2.0 for MS Windows - world’s first software to support the new “Mt. Rainier compliant CD-MRW” disk drives! -
  4. - PC Storage Directions -
  5. Philips System Standards & Licensing -
    1. -
  • Mt Ranier CD-MRW supported by Compaq, Microsoft, Philips and Sony. 


Packet Writing:
  1.  PC Storage Directions - CD-MRW and Windows XP (12/8/2002).

    "In addition to support for CD media creation with IMAPI (described later), Microsoft expects to provide support for the Mt. Rainier CD-MRW physical format, once drives that implement this technology reach the market.

    Together, the Mt. Rainier standards and the IMAPI model will make CD-MRW the best replacement for the floppy drive. Support for CD-MRW drives may be included in Windows XP and all future versions of Windows after these drives reach market, depending on market penetration."

  2.  DVD Writing Support and Windows (12/7/2002).
    1. Mount Rainier - Philips Intellectual Property & Standards
    2. EASYWRITE - Philips Intellectual Property & Standards
    3. Components Home - EasyWrite - Royal Philips Electronics
  4.  InCD EasyWrite Reader
  5. Prassi abCD - Drive Letter Packet Writing for CD-RW.
  6. DirectCD in Easy CD Creator
  7. Used PacketCD (Old), now uses (Roxio) DirectCD (New) in WinOnCD.
  8. Software Architects SAI: WriteCD-RW Pro V3 (12/8/2002).
    1. Mt. Rainier FAQs
    2. ReadCD-MRW!: Now Supports WinXP Pro! (12/6/2003)
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