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Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus Tools
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  2. images/bullet2.gifGigaStudio HD Sampler
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It's All About Making Music!

Congratulations, you have an antique computer Synth keyboard digital audio workstation! And a very fine Keyboard too! From what we had previously researched, we advised against using the Keyboard's floppy drive. Why? We were informed @ that time, this was an old design and no longer available. No more! Back then, SCSI WAS to be the only logical answer which opened up many possibilities to further the life of this Technological Dinosaur. And if you had chosen a SCSI Zip drive for Media access, we recommended getting a spare. Why? Remember SyQuest? No one is immune from extinction.

  1. Harmony-Central.com:  Syntaur Offers Vintage Organ and Mellotron Sounds for Ensoniq Samplers - www.syntaur.com (8/10/2002).

  2. Route 66 Studios has now solved the Floppy Drive Replacement Problem! NEW replacement Floppy Drives for both the EPS classic and the EPS16+ samplers available and reasonably priced! No waiting lists & No Floppy Drive swapping repairs, just brand new 2002 replacement drives!

    Quoting Route 66 Studios, "Even though SCSI is much faster and Zip drives can be used as well -  Not everyone has the extra $140.00 to spend on a SCSI card. We're providing this link per Route 66 Studios request for providing replacement floppy drives and cooling units for these great old samplers." Click Here To Order. We agree - Enjoy! We still suggest getting a spare replacement Floppy Drive! (6/17/2002)

  3. The best source of software to control and manipulate the EPS 16 Plus comes from Rubber Chicken Software - 32 bit Windows apps. Great Products that really work!

  4. News from Harmony-Central.com - EMU.com, EOS 4.6 Upgrade allows EPS 16 File Import (6/18/2001) - ASR-10 and EPS File import via SCSI and Floppy.

    After how many years? Anyway... Free O'S D/L - Emu.com


Need Product Info...?
Appears Rubber Chicken Systems Software and Syntaur Productions are among the best places to start.


Need Parts or Manuals... For a price!


Do you have the necessary Tools...

Floppy Drive problems? Replacements? S.O.L. Ensoniq EPS floppy drives adhere to the old Shugart floppy standard, which is not compatible with the new AT standard.



Need Pro Sampler Support? Working with the Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus Synth Keyboard from a PC?

Featuring Read, Write and Format SCSI hard drives for use with Ensoniq Keyboards from PC.

Need some EPS Samples...?


Remember the Transoniq Hacker Publication?

The Best for Ensoniq Users - Now Toast! Their archives - also seem to be toast! The Transoniq Hacker closed it's doors in October 1999. You can order back issues from www.transoniq.com? Not so! Nothing but Rat Exercise Wheels listed here! Send email, it's still the same person just a new gig!

We may be allowed, by permission, to post some of the more useful info. let us know what you're looking for and please be specific.


Want more Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus sampler info... The Ensoniq/Computer Guide.


We hope you find this info helpful. Anything to add? Please let us know by email below. 

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