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BuildOrBuy - Personal Storage Solutions
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As we begin this race to Personal Storage Solutions, we'll start with available Resources and expand from there. In time, we'll include more than Memory Cards - Readers reaching into HD's, 1394 / USB 2 Portable Storage, Mass Storage & (NAS) Networked Attached Storage. Anything else? Let us know your thoughts or interests. GB

images/bullet2.gifStorage Performance Council Launches First Industry-Standard Network Storage Benchmark (5/21/2002).

images/bullet2.gifStorageReview.com (5/20/2002).


Memory Cards, Drives & Readers:
  1. Apacer Product - HandyDrive: USB Portable Storage
  2. Kingston Technology Company - Flash Memory - PC Card Reader
  3. KODAK Online Store - Memory (Picture Cards & Card Readers)
  4. Microtech Digital Media Card Readers - in ISA, PCI, FireWire, SCSI, and USB configurations. ZIO!
  5. Iomega.com:  Iomega Peerless - Another Proprietary Removable Storage Solution from Iomega.
  6. PenDrive.com:  USB Flash memory drive
  7. SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ SNDK) Home of Flash Memory Cards
  8. Synchrotech PCMCIA PC Card Read-Writer
  9. TranscendUSA.com:  DEC 28, 01 Transcend Presents a Revolution in Portable Data Storage, USB Flash Drive
  10. Verbatim: Memory Card Readers Products
  11. Viking Components, Inc. - Viking IntelliFlash™ USB Flash Memory Reader

SOHO NAS (Small Office / Home Office - Network Attached Storage) - Coming Soon!


  1. allUSB's USB product info for IntelliFlash USB Memory Stick Reader
  2. Memory card solutions - compactflash, smartmedia, mmc, readers, adapters ...
  3. Review A-TEC Cobra 2000 USB memory card readers
  4. DigitalVice.com:  Memory Card Readers for Compact Flash, Smart Media, Secure Digital and Multi Media Cards
  5. Helix-Digital Memory Cards
  6. memorysuppliers.com:  FLASH MEMORY READERS
  7. Meritline.com:  Pen Drive (USB Flash Drive), Apacer HandyDrive, Handy Drive, Pocket Drive, Pendrive 128mb, 64mb
  8. OnePC.NET - Hardware - Flash Memory Card Primer
  9. Smart Media Flash.com - a guide to SmartMedia memory, readers and adapters
  10. Flash Memory Card Readers - Writers
  11. SupermediaStore.com:  USB Pen Drive, USB Flash Hard Drive, Apcer HandyDrive
  12. Memory Cards & Readers Memory Card Readers Recommendations, Where to Buy, Advice, Top-Rated Products - Surprise.com
  13. Swift Direct: Memory Card Readers / Writers
  14. powershare.com: Flash Drive (USB Pen / Thumb Drive)
  15. ZxPro - for the lowest prices on flash memory, card readers, and other peripherals


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