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  1. Windows Help
Preferred Vendors - List of Products & Services: 

Ever wonder where to get what from whom? From anything PC related to Office Supplies & Music. These are Vendors we have done Business with who follow through with Purchases from Sales to Support. Your personal experience may vary from ours. Will this List grow? Anything is possible! Enjoy!

Have a Concern regarding a Vendor before doing Business with them? Check User Comments Here: - Participate and Post YOUR Experience!

  1. - Amazing what we can find there and cannot locate locally even in a metropolitan area. Love it!
  2. Macrium Reflect Free - Disk Cloning - Just Do It!
  3. MAGIX - Music-, Video-, Graphic & Photo Software - New Home of Vegas Video!
  4. aka - MCAfee Secure safe site - Signup for Specials!
  5. - You'd be surprised at what they have. Check them out! Usually competitive prices. Uses UPS.
  6. - Sign Up for their Newsletter Deals. Fastest Shipping yet! Uses UPS though.
  7. - Sign Up for their Newsletter Deals. Hard to use a Vendor who damages merchandise even before it ships! Sloppy packaging and damaged merchandise is not acceptable at any price! And sending out physically dented HDs - Tsk Tsk! Becoming a less favorable Egg. Poor Quality Control. Uses UPS. We prefer FedEx!
  8. - Worth a Visit! Good prices and good packaging for Shipping! Secure Shopping!
  9. - Athlon & Phenom Processors! See: AMD Processor Pricing
  10. Gone! Now owned by Directron.
  11. Gone! - Excellent Software Sales - Reasonable Shipping Costs.
  12. - Digital Cameras, Photography, Colorimeters for LCD Monitor Calibration and everything else associated in the process!
  13. - Best: PowerDVD Ultra; Remote is worth the extra price too! - DVD Player Software. Purchase Direct or from
  14. - Sony Media Software - Formerly Sonic Foundry Products.
  15. Microsoft Security Essentials - For XP SP2 and above. Works great in both Vista Business 64bit and Windows 7 64bit Professional & Home 7 64bit!
  16. - Works Great Now! Best: Kaspersky Internet Security Suite (3 PC) - Excellent Choice for Vista Business 64 & Win 7 64 Pro & Ultimate! 
  17. Comodo Personal Firewall and AntiVirus  - Best and ONLY Firewall Solution with both Vista Business 64bit and Windows 7 Pro & Home 64bit!
  18. Stay Away! Will lock up your PC under Windows 7 64bit! Best: Internet Security Suite (3 PC) version! Great for WinXP Pro & Vista Business 32. Nothing for Vista Business 64bit. Was suppose to be 64 bit compliant for 764.
  19. - Problem child requiring way too much attention. Narcissistic. Listen to the Vista speeches. Need we say more? Scary stuff.
  20. - Worth a look both online and in the store. Wow - What a place to get lost in for a bunch of Geeks!
  21. - Printers with Vista & Windows 7 Drivers!!! Easy to Order Inks online too!
  22. - Great for MotherBoard Parts like extra 'Dual USB Motherboard Receptacle Adapter Mounting Brackets'; 'USB receptacle-on-bracket (ROB)'.
  23. - Excellent Laptops & Web Managed Gigabit Switches.
  24. - Verify your size before ordering! 35x35mm AMD approved Thermal Pads or 25x25 and get your CPU / GPU / Chipset Cleaner here also!
    1. Shinetsu 35x35mm Thermal Pad - AMD Approved! ***
    2. Shinetsu 25x25mm Thermal Pad - AMD Approved!
    3. Akasa's Tim Clean or Arctic Silver's Arcticlean.
  25. Gone! - Discount OEM Software Sales
  26. - Gene Barlow - Orders require 24 hour turn around. Manual Processing. Well worth the wait!
  27. - Disk Image / Clone Image software for Consumer & Corporate. See Gene Barlow (UGR) for Consumer products on this List.
  28. - Good Defrag. Works on both Vista 64 Business & Win 7 64 Pro versions. Favorable licensing for multiple PC's too! Defrag before you Clone!
  29. - Good Defrag; BAD Activation! Hassle. Most Important - Defrags MFT!
  30. - Appliance Parts - Great Service, Help & Support!
  31. Casper by Future Systems Solutions - Claims to be Windows 7 64bit compliant.
    1. Casper Disk Cloning (Did NOT work under Vista 64bit!)
  32. - SATA and IDE Hard Drive & Optical Drive USB Adapter Kit COMBO - USB SATA Adapter - Works Great for Imaging Laptop HDs!
  33. - Audio Production on a PC. Both Midi & Digital Audio Processing.
  34. - Acidized Audio Loops. Great value.
  35. - Excellent PC Speakers for the money IF you can find them! Getting scarce. Buy Direct or
  36. - Hard To Find Music - Ever heard the original Diamond Music song from the TV Commercials? They have it!
  37. - High Quality PSUs - Buy Direct or
  38. - The other CPU. ;)-)
  39. - Motherboards. Why? They work! Every time, every Build for BuildOrBuy Members. Reliability & Stability!
  40. Bible Study Software Research Tools
    1. - Excellent Bible Study Software from ! Love the Interface. Easy to use and simple to understand. No Learning curve required!
    2. - Wow! Everything AND the kitchen sink is in there!
    3. - Problem: These Coders were Microsoft clones. Everything is Microsoft centric. The Data is there, it's the Interface that took some time. Preferred the older Logos 1.5.Yes, the Program is getting better now. Much Better! Worthy Buying it? DEFINITELY!
  41. - Reekus Records - Métisse My Fault 2003 Album. Found this after having downloaded an MP3 from somewhere else on the Net! Hurt CD Sales? Hardly since we bought the CD AFTER listening to it! Yes, we OWN this CD!!!
  42. - If nothing else, let's you compare Options. We like Options. Especially Device Options with O/S Drivers! Hello HP, Customer Speaking - Are you Listening?
  43. - Been a fan from the old days when it was free. Still good AntiVirus. Don't care for their Firewall though. Problematic to only install what the User wants. Free for Users of Comcast or AT&T Internet aka UVerse.
  44. - Great Old Remastered Music Classics! Makes great gifts fort Music Lovers!
  45. - Tile Project? Excellent Tile Layout Software! See your Pattern before you lay it. Allows the User to create beautiful Tile Patterns before cutting any expensive Tile materials.
  46. - Need Stone Tiles? Best Source yet!
  47. - Unusual or Hard To Find Office Supplies. Why are the original Yellow Post IT Notes getting hard to find? They fit the shirt pocket better than the new odd colored ones.
  48. - Discounts galore!
  49. - Buy it online! Fast & Simple!
  50. - Sign Of the Times - Out Of Business! New owner on WhoIs Registration. Who would want to purchase a bad name? WAS... Excellent Source. 




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