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WinMe Tools & Drivers:
  1. cmdninst -
  2. WinMe Issues
BuildOrBuy WinMe Updates:  images/pcboxblue.gif
images/bd10265.gif If I were Building a System Today... Rev 7 by Joe Whinery (2/14/03).


Windows ME was a stinker, in more ways than one. Yes, we still have a few WinME PC's running too. Pretty when it works, if you don't have to work on it, around it or with it! Windows 98 SE was more stable. If you have to run Windows 98 for whatever compatibility reason, we suggest Win98 SE. And for those of you who are happy with WinMe - Enjoy!

  1. Windows Me on PressPass - Windows Me vs. Windows 2000
  2. Windows Me : [Windows Millennium Edition, Homepage]
  3. Microsoft Download Center
  4. Windows Me Tested Hardware
  5. Movie Maker Tested Hardware List
  6. Windows Media Player Hardware Compatibility List
  7. Did You Know . . . Top 10 Ways to Customize Windows Me (January 2001).
  8. WinME NIC problems
  9. How to Disable Media Sense for TCP-IP in Windows Me (Q260953)

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Although WinMe has 1394 / Firewire chipset support for same, appears we've temporarily lost machine control with our digital video cameras. New O/S, new drivers, which appear to be slow to be delivered. Below are some listings for available 1394 / Firewire & USB PCI controller cards.

Apple - Products - FireWire

1394 Trade Association: Home

askfor1394.com |

ADS Technologies


Pyro Video:



Evergreen Technologies CPU upgrades, processor upgrades and 1394 FireWire


Pinnacle Systems:

Pinnacle Systems is the Leader in Digital Video

  • Studio DV
  • DV 500 Plus



PC Products

  • 1394 / Firewire card

Adaptec: CD-R Central Welcome Page


Microsoft Tested USB Controllers claiming to work:


CMD Technology Homepage  | CMD Technology Drivers - TopFile.com!
* CMD USB Open Host Controller (On Evergreen Fireline - Suspect!)

Compaq Computer Corporation
Compaq PCI to USB Open Host Controller

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
Cypress USB Open Host Controller

Intel Corporation
Intel (r) 82440MX PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
Intel 82371SB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
Intel 82372FB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
Intel(r) 82801AA USB Universal Host Controller
Intel(r) 82801AB USB Universal Host Controller
Intel(r) 82801BA/BAM USB Universal Host Controller 1
Intel(r) 82801BA/BAM USB Universal Host Controller 2

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1394 Firewire
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