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PC Computer Diagnostics Apps:

If you're searching for PC Diagnostics, we have other Tests to suggest for your PC needs which may prove to be more helpful whether checking your Ram or in determining your Motherboard brand for a specific Bios Update.

Even a simple HD Defrag goes a long way in preventing the need for Data Recovery Diagnostics & Implementation later on. And a good Backup Procedure is always a good idea to implement before you need it too!

Please be sure and visit our Downloads page for more In-Depth Diagnostic Tools specific to PC Components such as Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit.

  1. www.rssoftlab.com - RS Software Lab -  Disk Checker: A full-featured Disk Diagnostics and Repair Tool with Backup ability (6/11/2003).
  2. www.amidiag.com: Pricey @ $259.00. Restricted Windows Demo expires in 7 days! Fill out Form before you can Download the Demo. DOS Demo also available. We found the Demo to be somewhat slow to respond under Win2000 & buggy. Although complete in Descriptions of Resources, we had to kill the AMIDiag.exe process several times while trying to view OS Info & USB. Has links to Windows 2000 System Tools under 'Additional Links.' Actually run the Diagnostics? No way! We prefer SiSoft Sandra, Belarc Advisor & WCPUID on our Downloads page.
  3. images/bullet2.gifSiSoft Sandra - PC Diagnostics / System Information
  4. BCM Diagnostics: Software Utilities - BCM Diagnostics for Win95, v1.01.02 or BCM Diagnostics for DOS, 1.06.00
  5. Expodata Systems the UK's Premier Supplier of PC Diagnostics & Memory Testers
  6. SimmTester.com: CSTInc, The Online Memory Tester and Testing Solution Company.
  7. support.microsoft.com:  Removing Non-DOS Partitions with Debug Applies to MS-DOS operating system versions 6.0 , 6.2 , 6.21
  8. Low-Level Format, Zero-Fill and Diagnostic Utilities - Travel @ Your Own Risk When Low Level Formatting a HD!
  9. Maxtor - Product Support - Desktop Drives - Downloads - Library - Utilities
  10. www.micro2000.com: We have used this in the past on 486's (DX4-100's) and early Pentiums. Very Expensive.
  11. www.pccertify.com:
  12. www.pcdiagnostics.com by UltraX, www.uxd.com:  PC Computer Diagnostics (12/9/2002).
  13. www.tufftest.com:

Do you have a favorite Diagnostic Application to ADD to our List -
Please let us know! GB

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