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MPC Specification Comparison Chart - 
Multimedia PC 

Interested in comparing specifications of yesterday, today and tomorrow's PC Computers? We're making this research available from previous Build Or Buy Presentations. This will give us a path from 1994, 1997 ...July 1, 2001 and beyond for tomorrow's expectations.

In this brief time, we saw bold statements regarding MPC, WinHEC and current PC Design Guides. Although processors have increased in speed 10 fold from 1997 - Intel Pentium 133 MHz to May 30, 2001 - Athlon 1.3 GHz, everything else on a PC has changed as well. More powerful PC's allow more powerful applications. Remember when Desktop Publishing was a Big Deal? It still is! Now Desktop Musician Recording Studios are within grasp of most anyone with a PC and the desire to learn. Does a PC make one more creative? PC's have allowed new applications which allow us to be more creative in new ways. Talent still helps!

The following chart compares key requirements and recommendations of the Multimedia PC, Level 1 and Level 2 Specifications. Complete information about the MPC specifications are available from the Multimedia PC Marketing Council.





Minimum Requirements:

Multimedia PC
Level 1

Multimedia PC
Level 2





2 MB

4 MB


16 MHz 386SX

25 MHz 486SX

Hard Drive:

30 MB

160 MB

CD-ROM Drive:

150 KB/sec. sustained transfer  rate, maximum average seek time 1 second.

300 KB/sec. sustained transfer rate, maximum average seek time 400 milliseconds, CD-ROM XA ready, multisession capable.


8-bit digital sound, 8 note synthesizer, MIDI playback.

16-bit digital sound, 8 note synthesizer, MIDI playback.

Video Display:

640 x 480, 16 colors

640 x 480, 65,536 colors


MIDI I/O, joystick

MIDI I/0, joystick









8 MB


64 KB on-board buffer

64 KB on-board buffer 



CD-ROM XA audio ability, support for IMA adopted ADPCM algorithm.


640 x 480, 256 colors

Delivery of 1.2 megapixels/sec. given 40% of CPU bandwidth.

Please note: The above requirements were minimum system requirements and not a recommendation by the Multimedia PC Marketing Council for a particular system configuration.

Specs: MPC Comparison Chart; MPC 1 & 2. 4-20-94 GB 
Created: Thursday, April 21, 1994 2:53:12 AM 
Printer: HP DeskJet 550C Printer


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