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AntiVirus  News:


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Dateline: Wed 10-17-01 News... This Week's Topics Include:

images/pointblue.gif october01_v3.xls - Version 3 - (9-22-01)
images/update.gif Interim Specifications for the October 31 build session ...printer friendly.

Guest Speaker, AxionTech.

images/pointred.gif  Build Procedures, PC System Build Guidelines ...more.

images/pointred.gif  After we Build: Driver Installation Sequence ...softcheck.

images/pointred.gif  Words Of Wisdom From Sam McJunkin buildorbuy.pps or html version.

images/pointred.gif  debrief101.html - Sam McJunkin's PC Build Debrief (Lessons Learned)

images/pointred.gif  toolkit.html - PC Tool Kit Gear 

images/pointred.gif  Sam McJunkin's PC Witticisms ...more.

activation.html - Windows XP Product Activation (WPA) Comments.

images/pointred.gif  Password Recovery Software
images/pointred.gif  LANguard - Network Security Products
images/pointred.gif  Microsoft Network Security Hotfix Checker (Hfnetchk.exe) Tool Is Available (Q303215)

images/pointred.gif  Microsoft To Prioritize Security Bugs

images/pointred.gif  Do-it-Yourself Security


Windows Tasks:

images/pointred.gif  From SonicFoundry & ACIDplanet: NETGUI - Streaming Media Studio - Create Flash programming without learning Flash!

Easy CD-DA Extractor

Dantz, Makers of Retrospect Backup Software

DSL Modem compatibility with SWBELL & Windows XP using WinXP Built In DSL Driver Software (PPPoE).  (9/29/2001) ...more.

Making a Bootable Windows 2000 CD with Service Pack Integrated

Bugtoaster.com ...more.

Windows 2000 Downloads



PC Computer Technology News Updates...

Patriotic Audio:
 Free Windows Media Player - Click Here!
From Ray Morris, Hey Mr. Taliban ...more.
The Point Points of Interest - Special "Only Time" MP3 Remix: Click Here to Download!

Jump5 - God Bless The USA

images/pointred.gif  The Band of the United States Air Force Reserve

images/pointred.gif  BuildOrBuy Downloads: Programs, Wallpaper & Midi Files ...more.
News Follow-ups:

Klingerman virus hoax NCID CDC

Processor state of the union

AMD Says MHz Doesn’t Matter In Workstations, Servers

DRAM Market Won't Recover Until Late 2002, Researcher Says

Desktop & Webtop, StarOffice 6.0 Beta Software

RIAA Wants To Hack Your PC


Trade Shows:

MAP: Guitar Center Houston, TX. (Westheimer)

Date Event
10/25/2001 Digidesign TDM
11/7/2001 Midiman

COMDEX Fall (Las Vegas) is less than 45 days away!





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